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Bon Bon Flavors

Each one of these delightful creations is hand-painted by our wonderful chocolatiers. Every bon bon has a filling whether it is caramel, ganache, peanut butter, or another fun surprise... hover over a picture to find out what's inside!





Seasonal Collection

Aged Balsamic Caramel

Aged Balsamic Caramel

A combination of sweet, creamy caramel and 12 year old balsamic vinegar with notes of cedar, dried fruits, and cherries.

Aged Balsamic Caramel
Banana Foster

Banana Foster

A decadent banana caramel with
brandy, brown sugar and cinnamon.


Birthday Cake

Enjoy the flavor of Grandma’s
Homemade birthday cake wrapped
In a creamy milk chocolate shell


A blend of our decadent chocolate and buttery caramel combined with the boldness of rich dark


Caramel du Chocolat


Caramel Macchiato

This delicious multi layered bon bon begins with an espresso ganache and is topped with a salted caramel layer.



Description coming soon!


Chloe's Passion

White chocolate ganache bursting with the sweet and tangy flavor of passion fruit.


Coco Bear

This brownie batter ganache
Is rich and decadent, full of

brownie goodness.

Coconut Chanel

Coco "Nut" Chanel

Coconut puree, coconut paste and
toasted fresh coconut are blended
together with white chocolate & vanilla bean, all draped in a dark chocolate shell.


Coeur du Sel

Inside this beautiful heart is the soft, buttery sea salt caramel in a milk chocolate shell.


Cookie Monster

All the flavors of your favorite
chocolate chip cookie all wrapped
up in a milk chocolate shell.

Creme Bebe.HEIC

Creme Bebe

All the flavors of a classic crème brulee come to life in this symphony of the smooth creaminess of sweet caramel
and infused vanilla bean.

Fleur De Sel.HEIC

Fleur du Sel

This decadent little dark chocolate shell is filled with the harmonious blend of soft, buttery caramel and the unexpected boldness of

fleur de sel.



White chocolate ganache infused
with high quality Sencha green tea.



Description coming soon!

Heart of the Ocean.HEIC

Heart of the Ocean

Bittersweet chocolate ganache
garnished with handpicked
Greek sea salt.


Honey Lavender Caramel

A sweet caramel with a subtle combination of lavender and blossom honey, encased in a beautiful milk chocolate shell.


Lemon Blueberry

This ganache, using the mouth-watering combination of lemons and blueberries, is bursting with beautiful flavor.

Lemon Meringue.HEIC

Lemon Meringue Pie

This 3 –layer bon bon begins with a
crunchy graham cracker crumble,
followed by a lemon white chocolate ganache and topped with marshmallow.



Milk chocolate ganache with
fresh Tahitian vanilla.



A bittersweet shell with a tasty
tequila-lime white chocolate
filling, garnished with real sea
salt and lime.



A beautiful combination of
white chocolate, pure almond
paste and fresh Tahitian vanilla.

Minted Silk.HEIC

Minted Silk

This bon bon melts in your mouth
like cool chocolate silk.

Scott's Peanut Butter.HEIC

Peanut Butter

A smooth peanut butter
praline in milk chocolate.

Peanut Butter Loves Jelly.HEIC

Peanut Butter Berry

A perfect union was created when
our creamy peanut butter meet our
sweet strawberry pate de fruit and
this bon bon was born.



Description coming soon!



Inspired by a few drinks after a decadent Italian dinner, the Puleo is packed with the flavor of ruby red port in a fruity dark chocolate ganache.

Sparkling Sunrise.HEIC

Sparkling Sunrise

The citrus taste of fresh oranges
along with the effervescence of champagne combined together to create this delightful
refreshing mimosa.

Strawberry Fields.HEIC

Strawberry Fields Forever

Wrapped in a thin dark chocolate ganache shell, this white chocolate ganache is filled with fresh, sweet taste of strawberries and vanilla.

Sweet Honey Crunch.HEIC

Sweet Honey Crunch

Sweet creamed honey ganache blended with perfectly roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small bits called cocoa nibs.

Ube Coconut.HEIC

Ube Coconut

The vibrant purple ganache in this
bon bon comes from the Ube, a purple yam originally from the Philippines. We paired it with another tropical ingredient which further enhances the island feel.



Dark chocolate raspberry ganache
enrobed in a beautiful bittersweet


White Chocolate Heaven

Description coming soon!

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